Master of Engineering, Materials Science

The Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) department at the UConn School of Engineering is among the top 25 public programs in the country, and the highest rated Engineering graduate program at UConn. With 17 tenured and tenure-track faculty members, plus 12 additional faculty in the MSE graduate program, the department offers a Master of Engineering degree in addition to the M.S. and Ph.D. programs. Master of Engineering students enjoy substantial flexibility in their course selection, ultimately requiring 30 credits (10 classes) as follows:

MENG Core Courses (9 credits)

  • ENGR 5311 – Professional Communication and Information Management

  • ENGR 5312 – Engineering Project Planning and Management

  • ENGR 5300 – Capstone Project – Focused on materials. Students are encouraged to work on a company sponsored project

MSE Concentration Courses (21 credits) 

Students must take at least 12 of the 21 remaining credits in MSE or courses focused on MSE topics.

Core MSE courses (recommended for all MSE graduate students, though not mandatory for MEng)

  • MSE 5301 – Thermodynamics of Materials

  • MSE 5309 – Transport Phenomena in Materials Science & Engineering

  • MSE 5322 – Materials Characterization

  • MSE 5334 – Structure and Defects in Materials

Common Electives

The following list identifies several graduate electives that are commonly taken by MSE MENG students. Depending on the student’s unique experience and professional goals, a wide range of non-MSE or higher level undergraduate courses may also be recognized for credit, per student/advisor agreement.

  • MSE 5001 – Principles of Materials Engineering (only for students who do NOT have a prior MSE degree).

  • MSE 5305 – Phase Transformations in Solids

  • MSE 5310 – Modeling Materials

  • MSE 5311 – Mechanical Properties of Materials

  • MSE 5313 – Theory of the Solid State

  • MSE 5317 – Electronics and Magnetic Properties of Materials

  • MSE 5323 – Transmission Electron Microscopy

  • MSE 5335 – High Temperature Materials

  • MSE 5343 – Corrosion

  • MSE 5364 – Advanced Composites

  • MSE 5366 – Alloy Casting Processes

  • ENGR 5314 – Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Either track A or track B).pdf.pdf

Note: Not all courses are offered in every semester or in the Distance Mode, though Distance Mode classes are taught every term by MSE. Students thus may need to travel to the Storrs campus to participate in a specific desired course. The department maintains an updated list of courses planned for the next 2 years (barring unforeseen circumstances).

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