Engineering Data Science Plan of Study

Certificate Requirements: 4 technical core courses

Prerequisite requirements: Four semesters of Calculus: Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III, Linear Algebra, along with a programming course (this could be in C, C++, Java or Python)

Technical Core Course Choices (12 credits)

  1. CSE 5717 – Big Data Analytics
  2. CSE 5819 – Introduction to Machine Learning
  3. CSE 5520 – Data Visualization and Communication
  4. CSE 5713 – Data Mining

Your Plan of Study is determined by your catalog year. Please use your Advisement Report or Academic Requirements Report in StudentAdmin to determine your catalog year.

Download a one-sheet guide with the Engineering Data Science Certificate path to a Data Science MEng degree here

Updated 4/8/21