UConn Graduate Certificate in Engineering

Motivated by the digital revolution and the need to produce high quality products in a globally competitive economy, the Institute aims to train engineers in urgently needed areas of analytical systems engineering which includes: a) Requirements Analysis, b) Architecture Selection and Optimization, c) Model-based Design and Development; and d) System Design Flows.

These areas are pivotal to innovation and product enhancement. The goal is to advance the science base for the design of large scale systems and accelerate its technological translation into sustained industrial growth. In each certificate program in Systems Engineering, we will be following three simple concepts:

  • Control Synthesis
  • Modeling
  • Design Flows

The 12-credit Controlled Systems certificate program will build system engineering competency related to controlled system design and verification of physical systems. The principles of model-based design and verification will be emphasized. Courses are sequenced to allow students to establish a solid understanding of the pillars for requirements analysis, architecture selection, model-based development methods and tools, and design flows. These are first applied to a course on physical systems modeling and followed by a course on control systems. The final course builds an understanding of the design flows for model-based design and verification of controlled systems. More specifically, they are:

  1. SE 5101 – Foundations of Physical Systems Modeling
  2. SE 5202 – Foundations of Control
  3. SE 5203 – Design Flows for Control and Verification
  4. SE 5295 – Capstone Projects – Controlled Systems

The capstone project design course will provide an opportunity for the student to implement and reinforce the learning from the courses to a real-world problem.

Course Information

All courses are comprised of 14 sessions. Each session is 3 hours and will meet one night a week from 5 – 8 pm (or 6 – 9 pm). The courses are offered one after the other in subsequent semesters. The Controlled Systems certificates will be awarded upon successful completion of all four courses.

Controlled Systems Course Descriptions


Days Until Application deadline
Summer Deadline: March 16, 2018